Saying 'Hello'- Ütleb 'Tere'


In making contact with a person in Haapsalu they will be incredibly impressed with a small gesture of Estonian, the majority language spoken in Haapsalu.

In the possible friendship made, learning Estonian may well be a highly rewarding opportunity in Weymouth. In the future Estonian could become a feature in Weymouth's Education. Language exchangers and learning each others languages would be an invaluable experiece of the friendship between the two towns.


Here is a few useful phrases to get started-

Hello-    Tere
My name is... - Minu nimi on...

I am from Weymouth. A town in England by the Sea - 
Ma olen pärit Weymouth. Weymouth on linna Inglismaal mere ääres

I hope you don't mind me contacting you- 
I can't speak Estonian so I will now use English. I hope you do not mind-
Ma ei räägi eesti keelt, nii võib-olla see on parem et ma inglase keelt kasutada. Ma looden see on OK

I look forward to hearing from you-
Ma vaatan edasi sinust kuulda

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