Welcome - Tere Tulemast!

Here you have arrived in a space where the towns of Weymouth and Haapsalu come together. Separated by 3468 miles of sea and land, here, for the first time they are connected.

Gathered together, all areas of life from each town have been brought together here. This website offers the start of an exciting friendship to blossom between the people of Weymouth and Haapsalu. Starting here they could become 'Twin Towns'.

A twin town friendship opens an amazing opportunity and experience for towns to share, celebrate and learn about their different culture, languages, and lives. Whoever you are, you can be the one to start the friendship. Whether hairdresser, politician, historian, heavy metal fan, cleaner or dog lover, click on the 'To Connect' page and hopefully you will find those to share your life and passions with those alike from across the sea.

Weymouth lies on the southern shore of England. To the far north, lies Haapsalu on the western shores of Estonia. They are alike, both sea-side towns with a promenade, blue rolling sea and sand.

However, with two very different pasts, two very different futures await them. As Weymouth ever increases, Haapsalu slowly decreases. With so much space in Haapsalu, perhaps the two towns could unite, joining together their futures and their pasts, so that they in their towns can last...




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